Shark Tank Season 15

Shark Tank Season 15

Season 15 of Shark Tank premiered on September 29, 2023 on ABC. This season challenges the British Dragons Den with the cadre of Sharks we used to love: Barbara Corcoran, Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, and Kevin O’Leary. Alongside them, guest investors: Candace Nelson, Daniel Lubetzky, Michael Rubin, Jason Blum, and Emma Grede.

The show that revolutionized the way we view entrepreneurship and venture capital, has returned for its fifteenth season. I have the feeling it will be packed with the innovation, fast pace, and investment insights carried over from Season 13, and that we saw in Season 14. You can watch Season 15 of Shark Tank online or with your TV provider.

Shark Tank Season 15 Overview

As of December 15, 2023, a total of 326 episodes of Shark Tank have aired. The show’s format didn’t change, and chances are it never will. Entrepreneurs pitch their businesses to the Sharks, who then evaluate the deal, valuation, and investment potential.

Shark Tank Season 15: The Stats (to date)

To date (Episode 12), the Shark Tank cast powered through 4 businesses per each episode, for a total of 48 pitches. The average number of viewers per episode was 3.41 million, with the lowest at episode 4 with 2.93 million, and the highest number of viewers was 3.88 million for episode 11.

  • Entrepreneurs requested a total of $11,795,000 across all episodes.
  • Out of 48 businesses, 33 received an investment, for a 68% success rate.
  • A total of $6,990,000 were invested by the Sharks.
  • The average investment was $211,818 across all deals.
  • The average equity was 19.38% across all deals.
  • Of all deals, 4 had royalties built in it

Shark Tank Season 15 Episode 1

Air date: September 29, 2023
Sharks: Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, and guest shark Candace Nelson

The premier episode of Shark Tank Season 15 welcomed, and roasted, four businesses:

  • Gatsby Chocolate: the ‘Halo Top of Chocolate‘, they specialize in low-calorie chocolate bars that contain 210 calories per bar, with low sugar (1-5 grams per serving), low-carb, and low-fat options. The caters those watching calorie intake without compromising taste.
  • Pie Wine: is the creation of lifelong friends and pizza enthusiasts. They pitched the ideal beverage for pizza: a sweet and slightly sparkling wine designed to pair perfectly with pizza.
  • Worthy Brands: a of adhesive medical patches for children working to strengthen their sight due to vision loss. These products are designed to make the difficult journey of medical treatments a bit more comfortable.
  • Gently Soaps: pitched their herbal soap designed for individuals with highly sensitive skin or conditions like eczema. The soap is based on herbal infusions and was created as an alternative to the often dull and clinical options available for people dealing with skin sensitivity.

Two out of the four businesses received funds from the Sharks: Gatsby Chocolate, and Gently Soap.

Products Sneak Peek from Shark Tank Season 15

Rebel Cheese

A duo from Austin introduced a line of artisanal vegan cheeses, designed for cheese-loving customers that want to feel better by eating plant-based products. The husband and wife duo pitch highlighted the rising trend of veganism and appealed to both ethical consumers and those simply seeking a delicious alternative to traditional cheese.

Modern Picnic

Modern Picnic is an elevated bag that is fashionable, portable, and you’ll never know it’s a lunchbox. Hidden behind a stylish design, is an insulated compartment that can solve your lunch problems. Designed to be easy to carry, and even easier to conceal, Modern Picnic is a must-have for the traveling foodie.

Jay’s Pet Butter

Jay’s Pet Butter is a special peanut butter formulated specifically for dogs, offering a safe and tasty treat for canine companions. The brainchild of retired bodybuilder Jay Cutler, the product caters to pet owners seeking nutritional snacks for their pets.

Meat the Mushroom Shroomacon

The founders of Meat the Mushroom introduced Shroomacon, a plant-based alternative to bacon made from mushrooms. This Baltimore-based company offers a sustainable and healthy choice for those seeking meat substitutes.

Mama Sing My Song Custom Songs for Kids

Mama Sing My Song creates personalized songs and lullabies for children, providing a unique and intimate musical experience for young listeners. This woman-led venture taps into the market of bespoke kids’ entertainment.

BarBees Bartending Classes

BarBees offers mobile bartending services and classes, teaching mixology skills to aspiring bartenders. Founded by two friends in Nashville, Tennessee, the company combines education and entertainment.

The Duo Umbrella with Two Handles

The Duo Umbrella features an innovative design with two handles, making it easier to share with someone else. Conceived by father-son duo Nathaniel and Alexander Wellen, it adds convenience to rainy day walks for couples or friends.

The Poplight Wall Lighting

Poplight brings modern, tool-free wall lighting solutions that are both beautiful and easy to install. These innovative lights enhance home decor without the need for complicated setup

The Table Tyke Placemat

Designed by busy mother Berlyn Haughton, The Table Tyke is a placemat for babies that makes mealtime less messy and more organized. It’s a practical solution for parents wishing to streamline feeding times.

Genius Litter

Genius Litter produces color-changing cat litter to monitor health in cats. Their product primarily includes silica gel-based cat litter that changes color based on the acidity and alkalinity levels detected in the cat’s urine. This way, cat owners can easily track potential health abnormalities.

Guest Sharks in Season 15

  • Emma Grede returned to the Tank, bringing her expertise in fashion and branding to the table.
  • Peter Jones, known for his role on the UK version of the reality show.
  • Daniel Lubetzky, the entrepreneurial force behind KIND bars, also joined the panel of sharks, sharing his insights on building a brand with purpose.

Investment Insights from Shark Tank Season 15

Here’s a brief summary of some of the successful products from this season:

  • Gatsby Chocolate: Sweetened a deal of $250,000 for 20% equity, plus $250,000 as a loan at 6% interest for with their low-calorie chocolate options.
  • Rebel Cheese: Sliced a $750,000 for 10% equity to expand its vegan cheese empire.
  • Black Paper Party: Wrapped a party supplies deal of $250,000 for 10% equities in the company.
  • Bunny Eyez: A unique eyewear collection resulted in a deal for $200,000 for 20% equities.
  • Torch Warrior: From a former Air Force Officer this female body-suit brand got a deal with Lori Greiner for $150,000 for 22.5% equities.

As always, what entrepreneurs ask and what the Sharks offer differs, mostly because they don’t agree on how the company is valued. However, most of the deals are done with the same amount of money, with adjusted equities to account for the differences in valuations.

Shark Tank Season 15 Broadcasting Information

“Shark Tank” Season 15 has broadened the horizon for entrepreneurs seeking investments, with options to watch the show both on traditional television and through various streaming services.

Television Viewing

ABC is the home network for “Shark Tank,” premiering episodes that fans can watch live. As one of the leading broadcast networks, ABC provides the opportunity for viewers to tune in as the drama unfolds with the sharks and aspiring business owners. Season 15 episodes air weekly, allowing audiences to follow the latest pitches in real-time.

Streaming Options

For fans who prefer watching on their schedule, Hulu offers episodes of “Shark Tank” Season 15 the day after they air on television. Additionally, alternative streaming services such as YouTube TV and fuboTV provide live TV streaming capabilities that include ABC in their channel lineup, ensuring access to live episodes of the show. These services cater to the needs of viewers seeking flexibility without missing out on the action of the latest season.

Reality TV Context

Comparative Analysis

“Shark Tank” season 15 continues to leverage its position among other reality shows like Dancing with the Stars and Celebrity Wheel of Fortune by showcasing real-world business stakes rather than performance arts or puzzles.

Unlike game shows such as Press Your Luck, where contestants depend on luck and timing, “Shark Tank” contestants rely on preparation, business acumen, and the ability to persuade savvy investors. Meanwhile, scripted dramas like “9-1-1,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” and “The Good Doctor” focus on fictional depictions of professional scenarios.

Full Episode List: Shark Tank Season 15

EpisodeAir DateStartup NameUS Viewership (Million)Original Ask Amount Ask Equity (%)
129-Sep-23Gatsby Chocolate3.47$500,0005
129-Sep-23PIE Wine$200,0007.5
129-Sep-23See Worthy Eye Patches$250,00010
129-Sep-23Gently Soap$75,00010
26-Oct-23Return Home$2,000,0005
26-Oct-23Matador Meggings$250,00010
26-Oct-23Toast-It Arepas$100,0005
313-Oct-23Glove Wrap3.33$50,00020
313-Oct-23Dating By Blaine$100,0002
420-Oct-23FairyTail Pet Care$75,00010
420-Oct-23Buena Papa$400,0007
527-Oct-23Thrill Builders2.94$250,00020
527-Oct-23I Love Chamoy$300,0005
527-Oct-23Maniac Pumpkin Carvers$150,0008
527-Oct-23American Ghost Walks$250,00015
63-Nov-23Supermix Studio3.47$250,00010
63-Nov-23TIK PIK$75,00010
63-Nov-23Mini Materials$100,00020
63-Nov-23Krapp Strapp$65,00010
717-Nov-23Bunny Eyez3.36$200,00010
717-Nov-23Yum Crumbs$100,00010
717-Nov-23The Fidget Game$500,00010
88-Dec-23Black Paper Party3.28$250,0005
88-Dec-23Pick-Up Bricks$200,00010
88-Dec-23Snow in Seconds$50,00010
88-Dec-23Tomte Cake$200,00010
915-Dec-23Rebel Cheese3.27$750,0005
915-Dec-23The Pocket Panty$80,00010
915-Dec-23CAKES body$300,0005
1012-Jan-24The Dingle Dangle$75,00020
1012-Jan-24Vibe Ride$250,00010
1012-Jan-24Heather’s Choice$250,00010
1119-Jan-24The Table Tyke3.88$100,00010
1119-Jan-24Like Air Puffcorn$300,0003.5
1119-Jan-24The Duo$100,00010
1226-Jan-24Meat the Mushroom3.83$150,0007.5
1226-Jan-24Jay’s Pet Butter$50,00010
1226-Jan-24Mama Sing My Song $125,00010
132-Feb-24Genius Litter3.45$250,0004
132-Feb-24Modern Picnic$400,0006.5
132-Feb-24Au Baby$80,00025
132-Feb-24Torch Warriorwear$150,00010
1416-Feb-24Flora Pod$300,00010
1416-Feb-24How To Be A Redhead$350,00010
1416-Feb-24The Peep Show Birdhouse$250,00020
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