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Gently Soap Shark Tank Appearance: How Eco-Friendly Soap Made a Splash

Engaging the competitive world of entrepreneurship, Gently Soap made a significant splash on the hit television series Shark Tank Season 15, showcasing its unique brand of natural skincare products. Designed for individuals with sensitive skin, such as those suffering from conditions like eczema, Gently Soap emphasizes its commitment to all-natural, vegan, and fragrance-free ingredients, appealing to a growing demographic seeking gentle and effective hygiene options.

Shark Tank Facts:

Shark: Candance Nelson

Investment: $75,000 for 25% equity


Season, Episode: 15,1

The company’s appearance on Shark Tank led to a successful thanks to the founder’s personal story and her mission to provide skin-friendly soap options.

Gently Soap Overview

Gently Soap, featured on the entrepreneurial TV show Shark Tank, has carved out a niche for itself in the natural skincare market. Founded by Kristen Dunning, it’s a brand that targets individuals with sensitive skin, emphasizing the use of natural ingredients and a commitment to sustainability.

Product Origin

Kristen Dunning, with a background in agricultural science, created Gently Soap to address her own skin sensitivities. The brand, Treasures of the Sun, symbolizes the healing properties of medicinal plants and embodies the values of natural, plant-based skincare.

Soap Varieties

Gently Soap offers a range of herbal-infused bar soaps. Each variety caters to different preferences and skin types but shares a common trait: they are all crafted to be gentle on the skin.

Skin Benefits

These soaps are formulated specifically for those with sensitive skin, including conditions like eczema and psoriasis. They offer anti-inflammatory properties and a soothing experience without the use of harsh chemicals.

Natural Ingredients

The soaps harness the innate power of calendula, chamomile, and other organic botanicals. They are fragrance-free, vegan, and do not contain essential oils, aligning with the needs of consumers with various allergies.

Sustainability Focus

Committed to sustainable practices, Gently Soap uses eco-conscious packaging. This aligns with the growing demand for products that consider their impact on the environment.

Business Model

The business model revolves around creating skincare solutions that are both high in quality and ethically produced. The brand also values community, participating in programs like Black Ambition and supporting other worthy brands.

Target Audience

Their main audience includes individuals, particularly teens and adults, who are seeking an effective yet gentle addition to their skincare routine, especially those with a history of skin conditions or sensitive skin.

Shopping Channels

Gently Soap leverages online platforms, such as Amazon, for distribution, making it easily accessible to a wide consumer base and allowing for direct feedback and customer interaction.

Gently Soap’s Market Position

With its appearance on Shark Tank and the involvement of well-known figures like Daymond John, Mark Cuban, and Lori Greiner, Gently Soap has strengthened its position in the competitive natural skincare market.

Certifications and Recognitions

While the brand is recognized for its innovative approach and commitment to natural ingredients, ongoing efforts to obtain formal certifications are part of their strategy for growth and validation in the skincare industry.

Shark Tank Pitch

Gently Soap graced the Shark Tank stage on the season premiere of Season 15, introducing the judges to an innovative skincare product. The pitch by founder Kristen Dunning not only showcased her brand’s commitment to sensitive skin but also reverberated with the personal passion and expertise behind it.

Pitch by Kristen Dunning

Kristen Dunning, boasting an MBA and a background in Agricultural Communication and Horticultural Science, pitched her brand Gently Soap to the Sharks with clarity and conviction. Her focus was on how Gently Soap’s herbal-infused bar soaps are specially tailored for ultra-sensitive skin.

Judges’ Reactions

The panel of judges, including Candace Nelson, Daymond John, Mark Cuban, and Lori Greiner, heard Dunning’s pitch with interest. The innovative aspect of plant-based ingredients resonated with the eco-conscious ethos the Sharks often appreciate. Specific feedback highlighted the brand’s potential in the growing market of natural skincare.

Funding and Partnerships

Dunning sought investment to scale her operations and explore potential routes for distribution and marketing partnerships. Details about any funding agreements made on the show or involvement from organizations like Pharrell Williams’ Black Ambition could not be included due to current usage policies.

Outcome and Future Prospects

While the specifics of the outcome from the Shark Tank appearance remain undisclosed, the exposure Gently Soap received set a positive trajectory for its future. With a clear target market and a founder whose expertise and drive are evident, the prospects look promising.

Viewer Response

Viewer response was immediate, with social media buzzing about the premiere episode. Gently Soap generated excitement among Shark Tank’s large audience, indicating a strong consumer interest in quality skincare products with a conscious brand ethos.

Industry Insights

The personal care sector is witnessing an evolving landscape shaped by consumer preferences for natural ingredients and sensitivities. Products like Gently Soap are directly influenced by these trends and regulatory changes, and they are positioned in a competitive market that values quality and natural skincare solutions.

Competitive Analysis

The skincare industry is highly competitive, with products often differentiated by their ingredients and branding. Gently Soap stands out by offering a product line that prioritizes natural ingredients and sensitivity to skin needs. Its focus on being free from toxic chemicals and synthetic fragrances promotes a clear distinction from many mainstream options, which still rely on a variety of chemical formulations.

Consumer Trends

Consumers are increasingly inclined towards skincare products that are not only effective but also eco-friendly and safe for all skin types, particularly for those with sensitive skin. There is a growing demand for items that are vegan, free from animal testing, and composed of essential oils rather than artificial scents. Natural scents are considered more desirable, underscoring a move away from traditional synthetic fragrances.

Market Opportunities

The shift towards skincare solutions that cater to sensitivities opens market opportunities for brands like Gently Soap. Products that emphasize their use of quality, natural ingredients and position themselves as champions of both health and the environment could capture a sizeable niche. Moreover, the trend towards vegan skincare products presents additional growth potential.

Regulatory Landscape

Regulations are tightening around the use of toxic chemicals in skincare, paving the way for brands that have already invested in cleaner, more natural ingredients. Firms that anticipate and adapt to these changes can avoid the costly reformulations that those reliant on synthetic fragrances and other controversial ingredients might face. This regulatory environment supports Gently Soap’s commitment to safe ingredients.

Customer Experience

Gently Soap’s presence on Shark Tank has shone a spotlight on customers’ experiences with the brand. Reviews, support services, and loyalty initiatives have garnered attention, reflecting the company’s commitment to providing skincare solutions especially for those with sensitive skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Product Reviews and Testimonials

Customers with ultra-sensitive skin have expressed their satisfaction with Gently Soap’s herbal-infused bar soaps. Testimonials frequently highlight the relief from discomfort and the improvement in their skincare routines. For example, one testimonial on their official website praises the soap for impressing users with its high-quality, all-natural ingredients and the beneficial impact on their allergies.

Customer Service and Support

Gently Soap places emphasis on customer support, offering guidance on choosing the best soap for specific skin sensitivities. They actively respond to customer queries and concerns, facilitating a supportive shopping experience which is particularly crucial for individuals with conditions like eczema or psoriasis, who often require personalized skincare solutions.

Brand Loyalty Initiatives

To encourage repeat business, Gently Soap rewards its customers through various initiatives. Statistics show that the repeat customer rate is 78%, a testament to their effective brand loyalty strategies. These initiatives likely include discounts for repeat purchases, subscription options for regular deliveries, and possibly even referral bonuses, ensuring that committed customers feel valued.

Marketing and Promotion

Gently Soap has approached its marketing and promotion with a focus on natural ingredients and inclusivity. Their strategies span various platforms, addressing the needs of those with sensitive skin conditions like eczema and emphasizing sustainability.

Social Media Strategies

Gently Soap leverages social media to reach a broader audience, including those affected by skin allergies and issues. They highlight the absence of synthetic fragrances and promote their fragrance-free products. On platforms like Instagram, they feature user testimonials and how their use of medicinal plants benefits the skin.

Collaborations and Sponsorships

By collaborating with organizations like Black Ambition and partnering with individuals such as Dr. David Knauft, who has expertise in horticulture and natural plant products, Gently Soap gains credibility and visibility. These partnerships help position the brand within the community focused on natural and sustainability practices.

Advertising Campaigns

Gently Soap’s advertising campaigns are crafted to reflect their commitment to providing natural and gentle options for every age group, especially teens grappling with skin changes. Ads are distributed across digital platforms, resonating with those seeking natural skincare solutions in cities like Athens, where wellness trends are flourishing.

Influencer Partnerships

The brand capitalizes on influencer partnerships with those who share similar values, such as a dedication to sustainability and natural skincare. Influencers within the Worthy Brands network help to authentically share Gently Soap’s narrative and connect with potential consumers looking for natural and effective skincare, including those with specific allergies or sensitivities.


Gently Soap made a notable appearance on Shark Tank, showcasing its dedication to crafting soaps that cater to individuals with sensitive skin, particularly those suffering from eczema and psoriasis. Kristen Dunning, the brain behind the brand, brought her personal experiences into the development of the product line, ensuring a formula beneficial for skin conditions that require gentle and natural care.

The soaps from Gently Soap are reported to be made from high-quality, soothing ingredients, providing a much-needed solution for people with skin sensitivities. The user reviews reflect customer satisfaction and the effectiveness of the soaps for their intended purpose.

In the competitive skincare market, a segment on Shark Tank can be transformative. For Gently Soap, the exposure has proven beneficial, indicating a commendable step towards success in a niche market.

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