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Copper Cow Coffee Shark Tank Review and Update (2024)

Overview of Copper Cow Coffee

Copper Cow Coffee brings the unique flavors of Vietnamese coffee to your doorstep. Debbie Wei Mullin founded the Vietnamese coffee company in 2016 and specializes in Vietnamese pour-over and ground coffees, lattes, and creamers. Inspired by her Vietnamese heritage, she combines good coffee with a modern twist. As a result, Copper Cow Coffee Shark Tank episode highlighted the distinct taste unique to Vietnam’s coffee culture.

Shark Tank Facts

  • Shark: Robert Herjiavec
  • Investment: $600,000 for 8% equity, including 1.5% advisory share
  • Valuation: $10.9M
  • Season, Episode: 12,25

Copper Cow Coffee Shark Tank Appearance

Strong points of Copper Cow Coffee

  • Simplicity & Convenience: Copper Cow Coffee simplifies coffee preparation with its portable and easy-to-use pour-over filters. You can enjoy a rich brew without the need for specialized equipment.
  • Organic Ingredients: Emphasis on pure, organic coffee ensures you’ll savor every natural sip without worrying about added chemicals.
  • Cultural Authenticity: Maintaining the integrity of the traditional Vietnamese coffee experience, the company offers classic robust flavors, often paired with the sweetness of condensed milk.

Who Owns Copper Cow Coffee

Debbie Wei Mullin is the founder and CEO of Copper Cow Coffee, that started in 2016 from her sister’s garage. The true inspiration was her grandmother’s journey from Vietnam to the U.S. as a refugee in 1975, and helped her combine the Vietnamese culture of coffee with a transparent and ethical supply chain. By sourcing coffee from Vietnamese farmers, Mullin’s can bring traditional Vietnamese coffee to a broader audience in the United States and promote business growth in her home country.

We have an active relationship with our farmers in Vietnam, plus every step of our supply chain. Our farmers are paid 2x market rate to ensure a higher quality of life and the most delicious coffee we can produce.

Copper Cow Coffee

Mullin studied at MIT and Berkeley, ultimately securing a position with the World Bank. Here she focused on finance and supply chain management. Despite a promising career in finance, she wanted to move fast, break molds, and infuse her Vietnamese heritage into her work. Yet, thanks to her expertise in finance and supply chain management, entrepreneurship was an easy next step. 

Her first entrepreneurial experience was in 2014, but she was unable to grow it successfully. 

She then pivoted into coffee. In the early days, she sold a door-to-door, armed only with samples and determination. Mullin was able to expand to an initial 30 stores, selling out of her living room. 

The real twist came at the Fancy Food Show in 2017, when she finally landed the business at a thousand retail outlets. 

What Products Does Copper Cow Coffee Offer?

Copper Cow Coffee Shark Tank Products

Copper Cow Coffee offers pre-ground coffee, single serve pour over, creamers and lattes. A balanced mix of arabica and robusta beans acts as the backbone of each product. 

Mullin decided to use biodegradable pour-over coffee filters, to stay true to her roots and commitment. In fact, she is in the process of certifying the first organic coffee farm ever in Vietnam.

Ground Coffee Beans: 

  • Pumpkin Spice, 
  • Classic Black (my personal favorite)
  • Churro Ground Coffee.

Single Serve Pour Over:

  • Classic Black
  • Churro flavors
  • Lavender
  • Salted Caramel
  • Vanilla


  • Classic
  • Mocha


  • Milk tea Coffee
  • Peppermint
  • Best Brews
  • Churro
  • Classic
  • Vanilla
  • Salter Caramel Lavender

To cater to the regular coffee aficionado, Copper Cow offers bundles consisting of various coffee flavors and latte kits. Their subscription service ensures that you never run out of your favorite brews. You can customize your subscription by choosing a mix of pour-over coffee, lattes, and teas, along with optional additions like creamers or sweetened condensed milk to perfect your daily cup.

Copper Cow Coffee Shark Tank Talk About Financials, Total Sales, and Annual Sales

Copper Cow Coffee had an impressive growth, with a significant portion of its revenue coming from wholesale accounts. Partnerships include high-end retailers like Williams-Sonoma and Whole Foods, suggesting an increasing demand for its products.

This demand is backed up by the successful financials. The average retail price is $15 for five servings, but they only cost $3.10 to produce. This means a nice 70% profit margin.

Mullin changed her focus from retail, to her online store, with 80% of sales generated thanks to ecommerce. The combination of grocery stores and the Copper Cow Coffee website generated $4 million in sales in three years. The year by year annual revenue looks like:

  • 2017 Sales: $170,000
  • 2018 Sales: $500,000
  • 2019 Sales: $1.6 million
  • 2020 Sales: $2 million, 80% of which is online
  • Estimated next 6-month sales: $3.5 million

While sales are great, Copper Cow Coffee received previous funding rounds. That includes $1 from angel investors in 2017, $2 millions in 2018. And there is also an additional $1.5 million in the bank. Mullin is left with 40% ownership of the company.

Copper Cow Coffee Shark Tank on the Negotiations Deck

Copper Cow Coffee Shark Tank negotiations

The Copper Cow Coffee Shark Tank pitch divided the tank between those who believed Mullin did the right thing by coming to the tank while having money in the bank. Let’s see how it evolved.

Daymond John and Lori Greiner were very excited about the packaging. Daymond also just came back from Ho-Chi Minh and had to sit in line for two hours at a coffee shop. This was in contrast with the efficiency of Mullin’s coffee, it was instant and didn’t need any special equipment.

Robert Herjavec was initially concerned about the sweetness. That was quickly addressed by Mullin, who confirmed that they sell coffee just black! 

Kevin O’Leary didn’t love the numbers, especially because of the external investments and the $1.4 million that was lost in 2019 while capping $1.6 million in revenues.

Lori then addressed the packaging again. This time she was a little confused because it couldn’t convey clearly what the product was about. And with that Lori was out.

Kevin asked how much she was going to lose, and at the $700,000 answer, Daymond and Kevin were not happy. Kevin especially didn’t want to pay for a $15 million dollar valuations. Not without guarantees that the business could become cashflow positive in the next six months, as projected by Mullin. Because of that, Kevin was out.

Daymond was next, after reviewing the numbers with her, he was not happy about her having $1.5 million in the bank. That contrasts with Daymond believes that most entrepreneurs in the Tank do not have that much money. Although Robert and Mark Cuban defended her, Daymond was out.

Next was Robert. He was very interested in Copper Cow Coffee, and made her an offer of $600,000 for 8% of the company.

Mark addressed some challenges about online demands, and he went out because he was unsure about the sustainability of the online organic traffic over time.

Mullin broke down Robert’s offer to include in the 8% a 1.5% advisory shares, and accepted the offer, sealing the deal. 

Copper Cow Coffee Shark Tank deal effectively lowered the company’s valuation to approximately $10.9 million, from the initial $15,000,000 valuation pitched to the Sharks. Yet, despite shaking hands with Robert, Debbie later decided not to go through with the deal.

After Shark Tank, Investments and Net Worth

Even with Robert Herjavec on her side, Copper Cow Coffee Shark Tank deal ended up not closing. The exact reason is not disclosed, but we can expect it had to do with other money coming in from current investors, who might have given her a higher valuation.

In May, 2021, Copper Cow Coffee received a major investment of $8.5 million through a Series A round by a cadre of venture capital companies including Cultivian Sandbox, Arborview Capital, Siddhi Capital, Silverton Partners, Social Starts, Montage Ventures, CRCM, and Stormbreaker Ventures. Adding together all the money raised from its inception, Mullin now secured a total of $11.5 million.

As of 2024, the business has reached an annual revenue of $7 million, and a current net worth of around $25 million.

Copper Cow Coffee Shark Tank appearance helped with exposure, and it can certainly be one of the reasons why their sales increased so much. However, we cannot discount Mullin’s entrepreneurial skills in driving this growth.

Business Model and Sales Channels

Copper Cow Coffee leverages a hybrid model that combines direct sales to consumers with strategic retail and wholesale partners to expand market presence. This dual-channel approach allows you, the consumer, to get their Vietnamese coffee in whatever way is the easiest for you.


The experience with Copper Cow Coffee’s direct-to-consumer model is centered around convenience and brand engagement. You can purchase their coffee directly from the brand’s website or through an e-commerce platform like Thrive Market. This way, you not only enjoy the ease of online shopping, but also the freshest coffee delivered straight to your doorstep.

Retail Partners

Copper Cow Coffee products are in over 3,000 physical locations. Big box stores like Walmart, Sprouts Farmers Market and Whole Foods Markets sells them off their shelves. 

Copper Cow Coffee Shark Tank tv appearance could also have helped Mullin expanding her wholesale clientele to hotels, and entering the Hilton Hotels chain. 

Sustainability and Innovation

Copper Cow Coffee (“CCC”) offers a more sustainable and premium coffee experience at-home and on-the-go. CCC’s products are sustainable from bean-to-cup, made with sustainably farmed and responsibly sourced Vietnamese coffee and all-natural ingredients in a recyclable and compostable single-serve pour-over format.

Sandbox Industries

When you savor a cup of Copper Cow Coffee, you’re not just enjoying a gourmet beverage; you’re supporting a company that values eco-friendliness and innovative product development. The company has made strides in reducing environmental impact and continually refines its offerings to provide a unique coffee experience.

Eco-Friendly Practices

Your concern for the environment is mirrored in Copper Cow Coffee’s commitment to sustainability. The company ensures that its coffee is sustainably sourced, maintaining ethical relationships with coffee growers. The packaging you see, designed to maintain the freshness of the coffee, is consciously created to be recyclable, limiting the ecological footprint of your morning brew.

Product Development

Innovation is at the core of Copper Cow Coffee’s product development. They’ve introduced a novel twist to your coffee routine with California sweetened condensed milk, providing a touch of sweetness without the need for additional sugar or additives. You can taste the purity in every sip, as the coffee boasts organic beans free from artificial flavors. Remarkably, they also pay attention to details like the use of coffee grounds as fertilizer, showing their dedication to full-cycle sustainability.

Since Copper Cow Coffee Shark Tank episode, they added new products to their lines, expanding the portfolio of available coffee variants for customers.

Market Position and Brand Image

Copper Cow Coffee has established itself as a unique player in the specialty coffee market with a focus on premium, organic Vietnamese coffee. The perception of the brand is likely influenced by its eco-friendly approach and innovative product design, which includes portable pour-over coffee that appeals to on-the-go consumers and environmental enthusiasts alike.

  • Premium Quality: Leveraging the rich coffee heritage of Vietnam, Copper Cow Coffee offers you a premium coffee experience with sustainably sourced beans and natural flavors.
  • Specialty Product: As a specialty coffee brand, its signature pour-over format distinguishes it from conventional coffee products, providing you with a novel and convenient brewing method.

The brand’s market position is strong, having gained visibility through key retail partnerships with notable outlets like Whole Foods and Sprouts Farmers Market. By presenting Vietnamese coffee in a modern format, Copper Cow Coffee has captured your attention, carving out a niche that resonates with both coffee aficionados and the casual drinker who seeks quality and convenience.

Brand Image:

  • Authenticity: Have a sense of connection to the authentic Vietnamese coffee culture.
  • Sustainability: Products exemplify a commitment to environmental responsibility, catering to your eco-conscious sensibilities.
  • Innovation: Experience the forefront of coffee innovation with their unique approach to flavor and design.

Even with a clear strategy, Copper Cow Coffee Shark Tank appearance has helped boosting brand recognition and its market position, establishing a brand image that’s both relatable and aspirational in your eyes.

Customer Experience

When you indulge in Copper Cow Coffee, you’re not just sipping on a beverage; you’re partaking in a premium coffee experience. Their specialized offerings, designed for your convenience, provide a unique blend of traditional Vietnamese coffee and modern, on-the-go expectations.

Taste Profiles

Tase is one of the things that have to be tried firsthand, even if you watched the full Copper Cow Coffee Shark Tank episode. Taste is paramount in coffee, and with Copper Cow Coffee, you can expect a range of arabica and robusta beans flavored with natural essences like hazelnut and lavender, which present a distinct palette. Traditional Vietnamese pour-over coffee, known for its robust and smooth flavor, often comes with sweetened condensed milk, adding a creamy texture and sweetness. This isn’t just for coffee lovers; it’s for those who appreciate a delicate balance of strong caffeine content and aromatic subtleties.

  • Arabica and Robusta BeansSmooth, with natural sweetness.
  • HazelnutNutty and rich, perfect for a morning kick.
  • LavenderMildly floral, offering a calming sensation.
  • Vietnamese Coffee with Sweetened Condensed MilkBold and sweet, classic flavor.

Brewing Simplicity

Your coffee routine should be as effortless as it is enjoyable. Copper Cow Coffee serves ease with its portable pour-over coffee filter system. You simply place the filter over your cup, pour hot water, and allow the coffee to brew directly into your mug. This convenience means whether you desire a strong black coffee to awaken your senses or a smooth latte with the included creamer, your personalized cafe-quality drink is just minutes away.

  • Pour-Over Coffee FilterEasy-to-use, no additional equipment needed.
  • Brewing Steps:
    1. Open the filter and place it over your cup.
    2. Gradually add hot water to saturate the grounds.
    3. Wait and let the coffee drip for a fresh brew.
    4. Stir in creamer or condensed milk, if desired.

By focusing on the specific desires of the consumer, such as taste preferences and brewing simplicity, Copper Cow Coffee aims to satisfy your coffee cravings with minimal fuss and maximum flavor.

Marketing and Promotions

When Copper Cow Coffee ventured into the Shark Tank, they leveraged several marketing and promotional strategies post-appearance to heighten their brand’s visibility. Key to their approach is a robust e-commerce platform, providing a seamless online shopping experience.

Subscription Services:
You can find convenience through their subscription model, ensuring your supply of Vietnamese coffee is constant. Subscriptions cater to diverse tastes and preferences, offering tailored options and flexibility in delivery frequency.

Bundles for Added Value:
For promotional leverage, Copper Cow Coffee introduced various bundles, combining their popular products. This not only increases the perceived value but also encourages trial of different flavors.

Promotional BundlesIncludes
Starter KitVariety Pack, Filters, Sweeteners
Flavor LoversAssorted Flavored Coffees
Office PackBulk Coffee, Multiple Flavors

Competitive Landscape

In the ever-evolving market of specialty coffee, Copper Cow Coffee faces a significant amount of competition from a plethora of brands that have capitalized on the rising demand for convenient, premium coffee experiences.

Your exploration of the market should acknowledge established coffee giants as well as smaller, artisanal brands. Starbucks and Nespresso are noteworthy competitors, offering a broad array of products that cater to the same demographic seeking quality and convenience. These brands leverage their extensive distribution networks and loyal customer bases.

Additionally, a multitude of niche and organic coffee brands are part of a diverse competitive field.

Companies like Blue Bottle Coffee and Stumptown Coffee Roasters epitomize the artisanal aspect of the industry, focusing on the quality and source of their beans, with a robust emphasis on sustainability.

Tea Drops, although a tea company, competes in the same space of innovative beverage solutions. Tea Drops provides a convenient, no-brew product for a fast-paced lifestyle. Their commitment to eco-friendly products and rich selections puts them in direct competition for consumer attention.

BrandOfferingMarket Position
StarbucksBroad variety, convenienceEstablished Leader
NespressoPremium espresso pods, machinesPremium Home Brew
Blue BottleArtisanal coffee, sustainabilityNiche Market Leader
StumptownHigh-quality beans, local presenceSpecialty Coffee Pioneer
Tea DropsOrganic tea, eco-friendly, no-brewInnovative Tea Solution
Potential competitors

Copper Cow Coffee main advantage lies in the Vietnamese-style coffee with eco-friendly pour-over technology. This unique approach places Copper Cow Coffee in a favorable position within the specialty segment of the coffee market, catering to a growing audience that values both quality, eco-friendliness and innovation.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses common inquiries regarding Copper Cow Coffee’s Shark Tank experience, financial evolution, customer reviews, and product details.

What was the outcome for Copper Cow Coffee after appearing on Shark Tank?

Copper Cow Coffee presented their business in Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 25, seeking $600,000 for a 4% equity stake. Their valuation of $15 million was initially met with surprise by the sharks. For updated details on the outcome following their pitch, you can check information on the Shark Tank performance of Copper Cow Coffee.

How has the net worth of Copper Cow Coffee changed since the Shark Tank episode?

Since appearing on Shark Tank, the net worth of Copper Cow Coffee may have fluctuated based on various factors such as market reception, sales growth, and strategic business decisions made post-show. For recent financial updates, public records, and reports would provide the most current valuation data.

Where can I find reviews of Copper Cow Coffee from various platforms?

Reviews for Copper Cow Coffee can be found across several platforms, including the company’s website, social media channels, and consumer review websites. Diverse opinions and feedback from customers can help gauge the brand’s reception.

What are customers saying about Copper Cow Coffee on Amazon and Costco?

Customer testimonials about Copper Cow Coffee on Amazon and Costco reveal insights into the product’s taste, quality, and packaging. Reviews on these sites often reflect the personal experiences of a varied customer base.

Has Copper Cow Coffee shown significant growth in profitability post Shark Tank?

Financial growth and profitability post Shark Tank involvement would typically be gauged by sales performance, market expansion, and cost management by Copper Cow Coffee. Earnings reports and business analysis would provide concrete evidence of financial trends.

What are the flavor profile and strength characteristics of Copper Cow Coffee?

Copper Cow Coffee is known for their Vietnamese-style coffee with a range of flavor profiles that may include classic, bold, and smooth notes. They offer different strengths to cater to various preferences, with detailed descriptions and customer reviews available for reference on their product pages.

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