FairyTail Pet Care Shark Tank Pitch

FairyTail Pet Care on Shark Tank Season 15 – Tampa Premier Wedding Pet Care Company

FairyTail Pet Care appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank Season 15 episode 4. The company brings a new spin to wedding ceremonies by making pets an integral part of the event. Founders Kelly Nova and Ilana Karcinski walked into the tank asking $75,000 for 10% equity in their company. 

FairyTail Pet Care – The Numbers

  • Amount and equity asked: $75,000 for 10%
  • Amount and equity received: $75,000 for 22%
  • Shark(s) in the deal: Barbara Corcoran
  • Valuation of the deal: $340,909

FairyTail Pet Care, The Origins

FairyTail Pet Care blends a love for animals with a love for celebrating memorable life moments.

Founders Story

FairyTail Pet Care Shark Tank Founders
Kelly and Ilana together with Grizzie, Rowdie & Cooper (from left to right)

Ilana Karcinski and Kelly Nova have been best friends since they were 13 years old. Both had a shared passion for animals, and had this business idea while working at a hotel in Tampa. They worked on FairyTail Pet Care since 2015 as a way to fill a gap in the wedding industry. 

There was no other company offering the services we knew these couples needed, so we paved the way & created what we’ve now coined as the Wedding Day Pet Care industry!

FairyTail Pet Care

Ilana and Kelly noticed that pets, often considered family members, were usually left out of weddings. Their response was to create a business that makes our best friends an integral part of the ceremony. The company has locations in West Palm Beach, Tampa Bay, Las Vegas, and Pittsburgh.

We also need to mention that there are three furry co-founders: Grizzie, Rowdie, and Cooper. Their silhouette is embroiled in the company’s logo, right inside the heart! It can’t get any more symbolic than that!

Tampa Bay FairyTail Pet Care on Shark Tank 

Ilana and Kelly walked confidently down the aisle of Shark Tank in matching outfits, ready to take on the Sharks. 

FairyTail Pet Care Shark Tank Recap

FairyTail Pet Care Shark Tank Pitch
Kelly and Ilana during the pitch at Shark Tank

Kelly and Ilana started to pitch their business by intriguing the Sharks with a riddle. 

Picture this: you’re engaged planning your dream wedding, and you’re so excited. You’ve picked out the venue, you’ve set your guest list….and suddenly you realize one of the most important guest doesn’t have a plus one!! This guest of honor can’t just have anyone accompany them. Though they need someone who can transport them to and from the venue, pick up after them and maybe even escort them down the aisle!

Kelly and Ilana’s pitch at Shark Tank

At this point, the Sharks looked confused. But within a few seconds, a few doggies walk down the aisle with their handlers. The doggies are wearing a fancy attire, and even though they look confused, they are adorable to watch and cute to picture at your wedding. 

Mark is the first to say how that is a brilliant idea!  They explained how they integrate pets into weddings and special events, taking care of everything that comes with it.

They charge $600 for 1 dog, 3 hours of pet care, and transportation, with an extra $100 for additional hours.

Sales and Franchising

FairyTail Shark Tank Locations

Kelly and Ilana explain how they already franchised in five locations. The cost of starting a franchise is $12,500 for one territory, and a franchisee also pays a 9% royalty over the gross sales made at the wedding.

They launched the franchising program in 2022 and in the first year they sold 14 territories, equivalent to 4 locations. To help the franchisee, the company provides social media support and promotion, especially on TikTok, where weddings and pets are a user’s magnet.

In 2022, they made $123,000 in sales and had a net profit margin of 70%. The Tampa territory by itself made around $66,000. Including the franchise section, the business rounded up the revenues to right above $200,000.

Robert asks about the performance of the franchisee, and their top-performing associate in Las Vegas nets around $2,200 per month. The Sharks were a little underwhelmed by the numbers, especially because Las Vegas is the wedding capital of the world. 

Negotiations and Deal with Barbara Corcoran

Robert Herjavec is the first one to be out, commenting that the business is too small for him. Lori Greiner exits with the same comment.

Mark Cuban also addresses the size issue, and runs some quick numbers in terms of revenues assuming that everything goes right and there is no competition. He mentions how the scale is not enough for him, and with that, he’s out too. 

At this point, Ilana addresses the community work that FairyTail does with animal shelters. 

Fun Fact: Kevin made a joke about the speed at which Ilana spoke. She justified it by saying that she has 6 brothers and sisters, and you learn to be fast!

Barbara goes back to the franchising business topic, focusing on the people recruited. She gives a personal example where a franchisee made $60,000 in a single month, but adds:

It was very easy to get a franchisee, it was very difficult to keep the franchisee

Barbara Corcoran

In response to that, Kelly mentioned that out of 100 applicants, only four were accepted. The Sharks liked that!

Barbara acknowledges that there are great potentials, especially for pet lovers that want to have a side income. She then makes an offer of $75,000 for 25% equities. Kevin O’Leary followed suit by asking 33.3% of the company for $75,000. Kelly asked Barbara to reduce her equities to 15%, but it didn’t work. Barbara justifies the percentage equity with her experience in the franchise industry. 

Nonetheless, Barbara lowers her equities to 22%. Kelly and Ilana smile and accept the offer. With that, a handshake deal is done for $75,000 and 22% equities between Barbara Corcoran and FairyTail Pet Care.

Wedding Day Pet Care Services Offered

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FairyTail Pet Care handles all aspects of pet sitting at a wedding. From a pre-wedding meet-and-greet session to check the pet’s comfort with the event, to handling, dressing, and staging pictures with your pet on the go day. Their team is fully licensed, bonded, and insured, providing peace of mind to their clients. 

The company prides itself on being:

  • The first nationwide wedding pet care company in the US.
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured, with staff that are Pet First Aid & CPR certified.

Professional Pet Handlers on Site

FairyTail Pet Care Shark Tank handlers

All handlers are thoroughly vetted, trained, and trusted. The goal is a smooth, detailed oriented, and professional experience for the bride and groom, and the furry clients. Additionally, clients receive a personal profile within the user-friendly software, so that all necessary information is on hand to provide the highest level of care for pets.

Caring Pet Support

The team considers your pet’s needs while planning daily activities. Handlers will make sure that pets have time to explore and get familiar with the venue, or photo location, or wherever your activities may be. By creating a fun, positive environment with opportunity to exercise, they alleviate any anxiety, making all furry friends completely comfortable on your big day.

Transportation to and from the Wedding Venue

FairyTail Pet Care Shark Tank Transportation

FairyTail Pet Care recognizes the importance of safe and reliable transportation for clients’ furry companions. Transportation services are planned to encompass round-trip journeys. It guarantees that pets arrive on time and return home safely. They cater not just to dogs but extend their services to include cats and other pets as well. They provide a stress-free experience for the animals. The transportation options reflect a high degree of pet care. Also, they prioritize comfort and security, the only pet care company in the U.S. that is doing this.

Dress (Your Pet) To Impress 

FairyTail Pet Care Shark Tank Dress

The FairyTail team has custom-made wedding bandanas, black leashes, and collars to meet the requirements of any high-end fashionista. 

Moreover, they will help with the pictures. Dogs and cats aren’t known for always doing what’s been asked. The professional handlers at FairyTail will make sure that your dog will be photo-ready, even if that means that your dog steals the spotlight! 

Coordination with Vendors

FairyTail Pet Care Shark Tank Event Coordination

The team will coordinate closely with you and the vendors before and throughout the wedding day for a smooth experience. 

Upon arrival, they will also practice walking down the aisle with your dog. This will give your dog time to explore, get comfortable, and be a successful part of your wedding. They also coordinate with the person walking the pets down the aisle to guarantee everything proceeds without a hitch.

Around the Clock Pet Care

Wedding nights are special. They will help with pet-sitting overnight so that your dog won’t be alone for extended periods of time.

They definitely want to make sure that your wedding day can be your dog’s best day too

Impact on the Wedding Industry

FairyTail Pet Care Shark Tank Wedding Industry

FairyTail Pet Care is part of an emerging trend in the wedding industry: including pets in your wedding.

Wedding Industry – The Numbers

The wedding industry in the United States has a considerable market size. In 2024, the wedding service market size is projected to be $219.8 billion. This figure represents a growth from $196.58 billion in 2023. The market size of the Wedding Planners industry in the US is measured at $1.4 billion in 2024. 

The average cost of a wedding in the United States in 2024 is approximately $33,000. This figure represents an increase from the average cost of $29,000 in 2023. However, the average cost can vary significantly depending on the location. The most expensive state to get married is Rhode Island with an average cost of $49,207, and the cheapest is Alaska with an average cost of $14,444.

With 70% of U.S. households owning at least one pet as of 2023, the pet wedding industry is not entirely new. Its share can grow influenced by the increasing trend of pet humanization, where pets are increasingly treated as family members. 

Moreover, the trend of having pets in wedding ceremonies is supported by data showing a 200% year-on-year increase in search traffic for animal-friendly weddings since 2021. The trend is so prevalent that celebrities like Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas included their pet husky in their wedding ceremony.

 How Could FairyTale Make a Larger Impact in the Wedding Pet Care Industry?

Karcinski and Nova already thought about featuring dogs in pictures, in the walk down the aisle, and in toasts. However, there may be some extra options to think about (I’m spitballing here):

  • Pet-friendly menu options at their receptions
  • Naming signature drinks after pets
  • Using pet images for table numbers
  • Coloring book for kids at the wedding with sketched images of the wed’s pets
  • Guests book that is a large pet image, with guests signing around it
  • Dogs greetings at the entrance and/or dogs dressed as security guards
  • Create a hashtag for guests to share photos of the dog at the wedding.
  • Trained dogs can help guide guests to their seats.
  • If the dog can bark at command, dogs can precede the bride’s entrance, announcing her arrival…to be then translated for “humans”.
  • Same to be said for a potential “speech” or note from the dog’s perspective
  • Dedicate a moment for a special doggy-dance.

These (and others) could be incorporated with existing packages, where the couple may need to work with handlers a few times before the wedding. While it may require an upgrade to a higher-end package, the actual cost will remain a fraction of what the actual wedding cost will be. 

This all revolves around three main features:

  • Personalization: Couples can now integrate their pets into the ceremony and reception. It will make their wedding day more personal and memorable.
  • Innovation: New services in the wedding sector are emerging, requiring innovation and diversification within the market.
  • Convenience: Offers a turnkey solution for pet management on a busy day. It ensures that pets are cared for and can partake in the celebrations without distracting the event.

Community Engagement

FairyTail Pet Care demonstrates a strong commitment to the community. They actively support local animal shelters in Tampa Bay’s areas. They also have a vibrant social media presence that promotes rescue dogs.

The Wedding Pet Adoption Program

The package includes 4-5 adoptable pets, handlers, coordination with vendors, and tuxedo bandanas for the animals to wear. Couples can have their bridal party carry adoptable animals down the aisle. Guests can cuddle with the animals during cocktail hour, or make a donation in lieu of favors. The program aims to increase socialization for the animals and increase their chances of finding forever homes. The cost of the program is $500, with the majority of the fee being donated to the shelter.

Tampa Bay Animal Shelters Support

Including adoptable animals in a wedding helps increase their chances of finding forever homes by connecting them with potential adopters, and raising awareness for adoption. This can provide animals with a better chance of finding loving homes.

But their mission goes beyond services, and includes philanthropic efforts and community engagement. They have been involved in fundraising efforts and donated over $20,000 to charity. They want pets to grow up together in a safe and secure place. By working for the welfare of the animals, they are promoting the “able to grow together” goal in the Tampa-based community of animal lovers.

Social Media Presence

The company is very active on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube

@fairytail_petcare He ran to his dad down the aisle – but got some pets first of course 😍 #fyp #foryou #dog #dogsoftiktok #petsoftiktok #wedding #goldenretriever #cute ♬ Put Your Records On – Ritt Momney

Interestingly, their Instagram page was down. Yet, their YouTube channel has 1,500 subscribers and 594 videos (at the time of writing). Their Facebook page has 4,500 likes and 5,000 followers. Their TikTok page is a boosting boom with 240,700 followers, and 17.7 million likes! With dogs, heartwarming moments, and weddings being highly memorable, TikTok is definitely a stronghold for their social media presence.

Testimonials and Customer Stories

FairyTail Pet Care received super positive reviews from couples who booked them. That includes references from helping couples overcome concerns about their high-energy dogs, to their role in the logistics of a destination wedding, and handling potential misbehavior of their pets. Professionalism, attention to detail, and love for the animals were the most common praises from customers.

FairyTail was perfect the day of. I didn’t have to worry about a single thing & they are amazing people. They loved my dog as much as I do. I can’t tell you enough, if you’re thinking about having your dog there on your wedding day, hire FairyTail!

Lisa & Josh // Ashley – review from fairytailpetcare.com

Having a destination wedding made the logistics of including our dog feel super overwhelming. FairyTail was absolutely wonderful to work with & all of our guests couldn’t stop talking about how much Addison’s handler loved on her all day long. They took care of everything & it wouldn’t have been possible without them!

Stacy & Nate // Addison – review from fairytailpetcare.com

FairyTail ensures everything goes smoothly & you can include your dog in your wedding day stress free! They really really care for you baby. Our dog doesn’t love too many people & he LOVED our handler. I’ve never seen him behave so well! From one bride & groom to the next, if you’re thinking of hiring FairyTail – you definitely should!

Courtney & Stephen // Puff – review from fairytailpetcare.com

These are three of the reviews that highlight the well planned, well organized, and beautifully executed system that makes your pet one of the best parts of the groom and bride’s special day!

Future Outlook and Goals

The future looks bright, yet, very very busy for them. After the deal with Barbara Corcoran, chances are that the focus for Kelly Nova and Ilana Karcinski may narrow down to operations, management and logistics. This may be focused on three main aspects:

  • Expansion: They will broaden their market reach. Whether that’s via the “Shark Tank effect”, or thanks to consistent media exposure.
  • Services Enhancement: The portfolio of services is already good, yet, to dominate the industry, you need the non-plus-ultra.  
  • Franchising: Barbara Corcoran is a mogul in franchising. FairyTail Pet Care will undoubtedly expand to other geographical locations, and will be able to efficiently recruit revenue-generating entrepreneurs to become part of the FairyTail family.


Overall, with the help of Barbara Corcoran their goals will be big, yet achievable. They offer a highly sought service, and they were already on a trajectory for sustainable growth. They offer quality service, and customers love it. With strong backing and a clear vision, the company is on a path to success.

Seb is a PhD scientist by training, and an entrepreneur by heart. He started his first business while in elementary school, and he got in trouble for it! He then moved onto various online ventures, including consulting and e-commerce. Seb loved Shark Tank since he saw the first episode of Season one on TV. The rest is history.

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