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Genius Litter Shark Tank Appearance: Monitoring Feline Health With Cat Litter


Genius Litter is appearing on Shark Tank Season 15 episode 13. The Austin-based company offers four different products designed for proactive feline health monitoring. Their breakthrough color-changing kitty litter, a result of patented technology, is what gives cat owners peace of mind. The color in the litter indicates potential signs of illness through urine pH level indicators, allowing cat parents to address them in a timely manner.

Genius Litter – The Numbers:

  • Amount and equity asked: $250,000 for 4%
  • Amount and equity received: $250,000 for 8% + 2% advisory shares
  • Shark(s) in the deal: Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec
  • Valuation of the deal: $3,125,000 (excludes 2% advisory shares)

Genius Litter Shark Tank Pitch and Negotiations

Genius Litter Shark Tank appearence
  • Air Date: Scheduled for February 13, 2024
  • Season / Episode: 15 / 13

Genius Litter Founder

Ramon Van Meer is the man behind Genius Litter. I would like to say that he walked in with a background in content creation. He previously ran a blog about soap operas, and was able to scale it to an exit of $9 million. For a blog, that is a quite astonishing amount, mostly likely due to his skills in getting traffic and monetizing the content.

In an interview with KVUE, Ramon mentined multiple times how Lori Greiner was his preferred Shark, probably for her track record with very demonstrable products like his cat litter. He also talked about Mark Cuban, but not with the same excitement. Is this a suggestion that Ramon struck a deal with Lori?

Negotiations in the Tank

In the episode that aired on ABC, Genius Litter made a deal not with one, not with two, but with three sharks: Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, and Robert Herjavec. The deal was for $250,000 for 8% stake of the company, plus 2% advisory shares.

Initially, Kevin O’Leary and Lori first offered $250,000 for a 20% stake in Genius Litter, with a royalty of $2 per unit until $1 million was paid.  Robert proposed 250,000 for 10%. He then asked Ramon what he’d do for three sharks, and he replied 10%. Lori asked for 15%, he replied 13% with 2% advisory shares.

Mark jumped in offering the same amount for 8%, and here’s where the tug of war between the sharks started. Emma Grede almost fell off the chair! Lori kind of yelled at Mark for trying to steal the deal, and Mark replied:

Yes, that is what I do! I’ve been doing it for 15 years!!!

Mark Cuban

However, Lori, Robert, and Kevin were in the first deal, because of Kevin’s database of potential clients. Yet, Kevin said that 8% was not enough for him and passed. Mark said that he was going to take over for Kevin. The deal was sealed!!

This brings the valuation of the company to an interesting $3,125,000 if we exclude the advisory shares from the calculations.

How was the deal?

Overall, Genus Litter made a great deal by getting three sharks onboard. However, the product seems not to be the only one in this space. Pretty Litter and Tidy Cats recently released a version of this product themselves. This does not make Genius Litter the only one in this market space.

Conversely, thanks to the Shark Tank effect, aka great exposure after going on the show, Genius Litter will most likely grow exponentially for the near future. Once the Sharks do their due diligence and the deals are actually signed, then Genius Litter business may skyrocket for real. Until then, kudos to Ramon for making it to the Tank and for striking a multi-Shark deal with Mark, Lori and Robert.

How Does Genius Litter Work?

Genius Litter works by changing color when your cat’s urine are not as they should be.

Genius Litter Technology

The litter’s color-changing feature is its hallmark. It’s based on a non-toxic, highly absorbent silica gel crystal formulation. It simplifies identification of urinary pH imbalances. Normal pH levels manifest as yellow, while varied colors signal potential health issues.

Detecting Alkalinity: Dark Green to Blue Shades

When Genius Litter takes on a dark green or blue color, it could be indicating high alkalinity in the cat’s urine. This might raise concerns about:

  • The possibility of struvite bladder stones
  • Bacterial feline urinary tract infections (UTIs)

Acidity Indicators: Yellow to Orange Tones

A yellow to orange color in Genius Litter suggests acidic urine, which might be linked to a variety of health conditions, such as:

  • Calcium oxalate crystals
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Complications involving kidney functions and metabolic acidosis

Presence of Blood: Red Tints

Red in the cat’s litter box can be alarming as it often signifies the presence of blood. It signals possible severe conditions:

  • Bladder cancer
  • Bladder inflammation
  • Formation of bladder stones
  • Renal issues like hematuria
  • Urinary tract infections

Using Genius Litter provides early indicators of potential health issues, prompting timely veterinary consultation. It’s not a diagnostic tool, but a preventive measure for catching symptoms early.

  • Orange: Acidic urine, potentially indicating conditions like metabolic acidosis or kidney tubular acidosis.
  • Green/Blue: Alkaline urine, which may allude to urinary tract infections or increased risk of bladder stones.
  • Red: Presence of blood, a critical alert for possible severe renal ailments.

This at-home solution is preferred for its user-friendly nature, negating frequent vet visits and providing continuous insight into cat health.

Personal Experience: Why You Want to Monitor Your Cat’s Urinary Health

The pictures above are from November 2023. That’s when my 14 yo short haired ginger cat spent five days at the veterinary hospital, after I rushed there in a Saturday morning when he was hunched down and visibly distressed.

He had a urinary and intestinal issue (still undetermined) that caused his bladder and intestine to stop working. There was no foreign object, and the doctors still don’t know what caused it. Yet, it is something that, if caught earlier, would have saved him days of pain, away from home. It would have saved me plenty of worries, and yes, of tears (he’s my boy!).

Cat back home with no urinary problems
He’s now back home relaxing 🙂

Since then, he’s back home and happy. He lost about 30% of his weight, and we are giving him extra love and extra special food. That seems to help, but something else that can help is being proactive, and addressing any potential upcoming health issue as quickly as possible!!

The Power of Silica

Genius Litter Shark Tank - Silica Gel
  • Silica gel: Super absorbent
  • Use: Often in food and cosmetics
  • Form: Synthetic Amorphous Silica (SAS)
  • Property: Moisture absorption

Cat litter application:

  • Absorbent: Controls moisture effectively
  • Odor control: Helps reduce smells
  • Dust-free: Minimizes dust release
  • Form: Non-clumping, silica-based granules

Cat Urinary Health Problems

Cats can develop a range of urinary and renal conditions that impact their health significantly.

  • Calcium oxalate crystals form in the urine when it contains high levels of calcium and oxalate, potentially leading to oxalate bladder stones under certain conditions, such as acidic urine.
  • Urinary tract infections (UTIs), often caused by bacteria like Escherichia coli, manifest through symptoms like frequent urination, straining, and possibly blood in the urine; untreated, they can lead to complications like bladder stones or kidney infections.
  • Chronic renal failure can result in metabolic acidosis, a condition where deteriorating kidney function leads to an imbalance in the body’s acid-base status, affecting overall health.
  • Bladder cancer, though rare in cats, can be aggressive and spread to other parts of the body; symptoms include increased urination frequency and possibly blood in the urine.
  • Bladder inflammation and formation of bladder stones are common issues, with stones causing irritation and potential blockages in the urinary tract
  • Renal issues such as hematuria (blood in the urine) can indicate underlying conditions like chronic kidney disease or infections, requiring prompt veterinary attention.

Genius Litter Products

Apart from the original cat litter, their product line extends to:

  • Genius HI: Packets to be used on conventional litter for weekly urine pH testing.
  • Health Monitoring Pee Pads: pH indicator pads tailored for dogs.
  • Cat L-Lysine: Supplements to aid feline immune system support.

The Genius Litter color-changing kitty litter is environmentally conscious, presented in recyclable packaging and touted as a cleaner alternative to conventional clay-based options.

Genius Litter cat litter

Genius Litter Shark Tank - Genius Litter cat liiter

The Genius Litter cat litter is the flagship product sold by the company. It contains all that you need to monitor the alkalinity in cat’s urine, including the color-changing granules. This cat litter is also very absorbent, and it seems to control odors really well.

Genius HI

Genius Litter Shark Tank - Genius HI

Genius HI is the additive used to monitor alkalinity in cat’s urine. You can sprinkle it on top of your current cat litter, and observe over time whether there is a change in color, reflecting potential health issues with your cat. It also absorbs odors, and can help in multi-cats households (like mine) where there is that extra need to tame the odors.

Health Monitoring Pee Pads

Genius Litter Shark Tank - Health Monitoring Pee Pads

The Health Monitoring Pee Pads are a spin of the main product, but for dogs. Indoor dogs, or dogs that still spend a lot of time in the house, at some point need to be potty-trained and pee pad-trained. For example, our bulldog uses pee pads at night or when we are at work. This helps to avoid unpleasant surprises. The Health Monitoring Pee Pads can monitor whether there are potential health issues in your dog by using the same principle applied to the cat litter. If there are changes in color, it’s a reflection that a visit to the vet is needed.

L-Lysine for Cats

Genius Litter Shark Tank - L-Lysine for cats

Lysine is an essential amino acid, this means that it has to be brought in with food. In this case, L-lysine can be helpful to support the immune system, as a preventive measure for your cat’s health. With 750 mg of L-lysine it is suggested to help cats with FHV-1 symptoms like sneezing, runny eyes and upper respiratory infections.

Genius Litter Prices

ProductPrice Single OrderPrice SubscriptionApplications
Genius Litter Cat Litter$24.99$24.99Cat litter with color changing granules
Genius HI$14.99$9.99Additive for cat litter
Health Monitoring Pee Pads$24.99$22.49Pee pads for dogs
L-Lysine for Cats$24.99$22.49Supplement
Prices for Genius Litter products (as of Feb 2024)

Genius Litter Sales Record

Genius Litter Shark Tank - Comparison

The company, founded in 2017 and based in Los Angeles, has witnessed impressive growth with a dynamically expanding customer base. Its revenues soared from an initial $500,000 to $4.6 million by 2020. The innovative vision of serial entrepreneur and CEO, Ramon van Meer, stems from personal experience with his cat’s health scare.

Direct selling via the official website and platforms like Amazon has accelerated market penetration. The affiliation with the popular TV show Shark Tank bolstered brand visibility.

Origins of Genius Litter

The Inception of Genius Litter

Genius Litter emerged from the creativity and passion of Ramon: a cat enthusiast from Austin, Texas. His affection for felines fueled the innovation of a product that merges pet care with a touch of science. This litter is not just colorful decor for the cat’s box. It’s a functional tool for health monitoring, reflecting a spectrum of hues indicative of potential urinary issues.

Why Focusing on Cat Urinary Health

Cats often suffer silently from urinary health problems. Genius Litter addresses this concern by changing color when there are potential health issues. If urinary issues are detected too late, the damage to the cat’s health could be major, requiring medical intervention, drugs, and even surgery.

By addressing cat’s health early, pet owners can minimize the potential damage. Cats may also receive minimally invasive treatments that are easier to tolerate, and more effective.

Managing Smells in Cat Litter

Benefit for Multiple Cats

Genius Litter works well for households with multiple cats. Since multiple cats can often be messy and stinky when it comes to litter (I have three cats myself), Genius Litter helps by still controlling odors and tracking. Thus, by effectively neutralizes urine smell, it can help keep a cleaner house.

Customer Reviews

Customers like the performance of the animal litter. They say it works just like pretty litter and starts working immediately. Some customers are disappointed with the color. Customers have different opinions on value, tracking, absorbency, smell, clumps, and scooping.

Amazon reviews

What Makes Genius Litter Unique?

There are a few unique features that make Genius Litter different from other products.

  • Silica gel, it’s a natural mineral, safe for cats and environmentally sustainable.
  • Color-changing technology – signals potential health issues by based on the urine pH.
  • Odor elimination – encapsulates and dries out urine and fecal matter to swiftly neutralize smells.
  • Maintenance – requires less scooping, contributing to a fresher home environment.
  • Works with automatic cat litters. A single product can be used in multiple settings.

Genius Litter stands out in the cat care market through its innovative approach to monitor feline health. An indicator of urine pH levels, it alerts caregivers to any sickness early by altering its color. Its absorptive silica gel composition also serves dual functions of being pet-safe and maintaining a fresh home atmosphere, cutting down on the need for frequent clean-up.

Genius Litter on Social Media

Genius Litter is very active on social media platforms, especially on Instagram and TikTok. Their Instagram account has 178,000 followers and more than 1,000 posts. Their TikTok account has more than half a million followers and a cumulative 1.8 million likes to their content. On TikTok, there is a nice blend of consumer-generated content and cute random images, like the one about a kitty sitting in a cup…yes, adorable.

@geniuslitter Aww, she’s a cute baby ❤️ tag your friends 😻 . #CuteCat #GeniusLitter ♬ original sound – Genius Litter

Overall, I’d assume that a good chunk of their sales is due to the massive presence of social media. They probably leveraged posts to generate a lot of traffic to the site, reduce customer acquisition costs, and increase the percentage of customers that loyally follow their journey.

Seb is a PhD scientist by training, and an entrepreneur by heart. He started his first business while in elementary school, and he got in trouble for it! He then moved onto various online ventures, including consulting and e-commerce. Seb loved Shark Tank since he saw the first episode of Season one on TV. The rest is history.

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