Shark Tank Season 13

Shark Tank Season 13 Highlights: What to Expect from Entrepreneurs and Investors

Shark Tank, launched its thirteenth season. It premiered on ABC on October 8, 2021 and once again, it is hands down the best platform for field-testing innovative ideas for growing businesses.

Shark Tank Season 13, The Numbers

Throughout the season, the Shark Tank cast powered through 24 episodes, evaluating 4 businesses per each episode, for a total of 96 pitches.

  • Entrepreneurs requested a total of $32,143,000 across all episodes.
  • Out of 96 businesses, 64 received an investment, for a 66% success rate.
  • A total of $18,984,333 were invested by the Sharks.
  • The average investment was $296,067 across all deals.
  • The average equity was 15.5% across all deals.
  • Of all deals, 11 had royalties built in it
  • Loans were included in 5 of the deals
  • Guest Sharks invested in 17 of the deals

Overview of Shark Tank Season 13

Season 13 of Shark Tank introduced fresh entrepreneurial ideas to millions of viewers and featured guest sharks from a variety of industries.

Premiere and Episodes

Season 13 premiered on October 8, 2021, with a collection of 24 episodes. The first episode featured products like Kin Apparel and Uprising Food, setting a high bar for the inventive pitches to follow. Viewers can watch Shark Tank Season 13 season on ABC, as well as catch up on Hulu.

Shark Tank Season 13 Format

Shark Tank‘s format remains unchanged over the years. It features engaging entrepreneurs putting their best foot forward to pitch their business pitches to a panel of potential investors, the Sharks. These sharks are self-made millionaires and billionaires eager to strike deals and expand their business empires. Inspirations from international versions like Dragons’ Den are evident in the strategic decision-making displayed within the tank.

Number of Viewers

All episodes had an average of 3.5 million viewers, and Episode 10 beating the competitors with 4.59 million views. The episode with the lowest audience was Episode 23 with 3.34 million viewers.

Sharks and Guests in Season 13

Shark Tank season 13 saw the return of familiar faces and new guest sharks that brought some fresh air to the tank.

Once a Shark, Always a Shark

The core panel of Shark Tank season 13 is composed of six investors:

  • Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and a serial entrepreneur.
  • Lori Greiner, known as the Queen of QVC for her retail prowess.
  • Kevin O’Leary, a finance expert with a sharp approach to deal-making.
  • Daymond John, a branding expert and founder of FUBU.
  • Robert Herjavec, a leader in cybersecurity and IT.
  • Barbara Corcoran, a real estate mogul with a knack for turning around struggling businesses.

Guest Sharks

The Guest Sharks in Season 13 were:

  • Emma Grede, the powerhouse CEO behind Good American and founding partner of Skims, joined the tank, applying her branding and fashion acumen to the pitches.
  • Comedian and actor Kevin Hart added a new fun dynamic with his entertainment industry background and business ventures.
  • Peter Jones, a veteran investor from the UK’s “Dragons’ Den,” brought an international perspective to the show.
  • Founder and executive chairman of Kind, Daniel Lubetzky, evaluated businesses with his extensive experience in building a renowned snack brand.
  • Nirav Tolia, the co-founder of Nextdoor, shared expertise in community building and tech startups.

These guest sharks brought fresh perspectives that challenged the regular sharks and offered new opportunities to the entrepreneurs appearing in Shark Tank season 13.

Highlight on Guest Shark Emma Grede

Shark Tank Season 13 has more than one guest Shark, but Emma Grede deserves recognition because of her work on promoting women’s fashion by empowering a positive body image.

Good American and Emma Grede

Emma Grede impressively co-founded Good American, a fashion brand based in Los Angeles that believes in creating clothing to flatter a diverse range of body types. Good American has been recognized not just for its inclusive sizing but also for producing a variety of fashion accessories that resonate with consumers.

Skims and its Market Impact

Skims, co-founded by Kim Kardashian West and partnered with Emma Grede, has made its mark in the industry with innovative all inclusive shapewear solutions. Skims underscores how understanding market needs facilitates the creation of products that make a real difference in consumers’ lives. With a range of adaptable and elegant designs, Skims has reshaped the concept of comfort, catering especially to the needs of women seeking confidence in their everyday wear.

Season 13 Pitch Standouts

Season 13 of Shark Tank was awesome because it included innovative entrepreneurs who, as always, offered novel solutions to new and old problems.

Innovative Products

  • Flasky Flowers uniquely combines the functionality of a flask with the aesthetic appeal of a flower bouquet, catering to both practicality and style. Meanwhile,

Sustainable and Health-Focused Businesses

  • Pulp Pantry transforms recycled vegetable waste into healthy treats, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and nutrition.
  • Oat Haus from North Hollywood pitches a desert plant-based, antioxidant-rich hydrating beverage as a healthy and sustainable alternative.
  • SoaPen, a unique product for kids designed to promote handwashing by making it fun.
  • Calm Strips brought a sensory tool designed to help manage anxiety through textured strips that provide a calming tactile experience.

Technology and Educational Ventures

  • Sparketh is an online learning platform aimed at nurturing young artists with engaging and accessible art courses.
  • Fort Magic a kit for kids that allows them to build forts.

Food Industry Innovations

  • Incredible Eats is a confidence-boosting swimwear line made of organic skincare materials that double as functional attire and skin nourishment.
  • OverEZ Chicken Coops offers an easy-to-assemble and durable solution for backyard farmers in Boston and beyond.
  • Kettle Gryp turns ordinary dumbbells into kettlebells with a simple tool, making home workouts more versatile without the need for multiple types of equipment.

Production and Broadcasting

Shark Tank Season 13 is run by the same successful team that boosts ratings and followers for more than a decade.

Executive Producers

Mark Burnett, Clay Newbill, and Yun Lingner served as the executive producers for Season 13 of “Shark Tank.” They maintained the show’s production quality and seamless execution. ABC network provided the platform for nationwide audiences to tune in, as the season was diligently crafted under the watchful guidance of these seasoned producers.

List of all Shark Tank Season 13 Episodes

EpisodeAir DateStartup NameUS ViewershipOriginal Ask Amount Ask Equity
18-Oct-21Kin Apparel3.72$200,00010
18-Oct-21Uprising Bread3.72$500,0003
18-Oct-21Lion Latch3.72$150,00015
215-Oct-21Mute Me3.58$200,00010
215-Oct-21Proper Good3.58$400,00010
215-Oct-21Long Wharf3.58$375,00015
322-Oct-21Oat Haus3.55$375,0005
322-Oct-21Flasky Flowers3.55$50,00010
322-Oct-21Incredible Eats3.55$500,0007
429-Oct-2154 Thrones3.8$250,00010
612-Nov-21Fish Fixe3.58$200,00015
612-Nov-21Hello Prenup3.58$150,00010
719-Nov-21Sheets Laundry Club4.34$500,0005
719-Nov-21Pink Picasso4.34$400,0005
719-Nov-21Zach Zoe Sweet Bee Farm4.34$150,00010
810-Dec-21Wendy’s Gnome Shop3.57$200,00020
810-Dec-21Ornament Anchor3.57$90,0005
810-Dec-21The Real Elf3.57$125,00025
810-Dec-21Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox3.57$150,00030
917-Dec-21Maxpro Fitness3.67$500,0003
917-Dec-21Banana Loca3.67$250,00025
917-Dec-21Liberate Studio3.67$200,00010
107-Jan-22Smart Tire Company4.59$500,0003
107-Jan-22Black Sands Entertainment4.59$500,0005
1114-Jan-22Must Love3.85$600,0008
1114-Jan-22Roq Innovation3.85$200,00015
1221-Jan-22Tania Speaks4.2$400,00010
1221-Jan-22TA3 Swimwear4.2$500,00010
1221-Jan-22Hicc Away4.2$250,00010
1328-Jan-22Kettle Gryp3.9$300,00010
1328-Jan-22Calm Strips3.9$250,00010
1328-Jan-22The Blowzee3.9$100,00020
1328-Jan-22Over EZChicken Coop3.9$1,000,0001
1425-Feb-22Range Beauty3.45$150,0006
1425-Feb-22Diaper Dust3.45$75,00040
1425-Feb-22Pinole Blue3.45$300,00010
1511-Mar-22Noggin Boss3.55$50,00025
1511-Mar-22Behave Bras3.55$150,00015
1618-Mar-22Do Amore3.43$600,0006
1725-Mar-22Young King Hair Care3.43$225,0003
1725-Mar-22Magic Dates3.43$150,00010
181-Apr-22Apolla Performance3.5$300,00015
181-Apr-22Fort Magic3.5$75,00015
181-Apr-22No Limbits3.5$100,0006
198-Apr-22LUCID Art3.76$300,00010
198-Apr-22Swift Paws3.76$240,0006
198-Apr-22Busy Box3.76$200,00015
198-Apr-22Dirty Cookie3.76$500,0005
2015-Apr-22Cat Amazing3.74$200,00010
2015-Apr-22Lil Advents3.74$300,00015
2015-Apr-22Hair Fin3.74$25,00020
212-May-22Cup Bop3.56$1,000,0003
212-May-22Handy Pan3.56$100,00020
212-May-22Hampton Adams3.56$500,00010
222-May-22Pulp Pantry3.62$500,00010
226-May-22Kawaii Lightning3.62$88,00022
2420-May-22The Transformation Factory3.59$500,0005
2420-May-22The Player‚ ÄôsTrunk3.59$650,0005
2420-May-22Aqua Boxing Gloves3.59$100,00010
2420-May-22Project Pollo3.59$2,500,0005

Seb is a PhD scientist by training, and an entrepreneur by heart. He started his first business while in elementary school, and he got in trouble for it! He then moved onto various online ventures, including consulting and e-commerce. Seb loved Shark Tank since he saw the first episode of Season one on TV. The rest is history.

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