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Where to Watch Shark Tank: Stream Every Season Online Now!

Shark Tank is one of the most famous entertainment shows focused on business and entrepreneurship. If you never heard it it, we will tell you where to watch Shark Tank, no worries, so that you can binge watch it, and learn a lot about business negotiations and business valuations.

As of today (January 2024), you can watch full shows, short clips, and summaries online on ABC’s website. For those looking to binge-watch past seasons or catch up through streaming services, it is available to watch on other platforms such as Hulu, or Youtube. Most platforms also have a free trial, so you are free to cancel it anytime within a few days.

How to Watch Shark Tank

The best option would be to watch Shark Tank from anywhere you want. Considering the portability of today’s devices, you don’t need anymore to watch everything on live TV, since all seasons and episodes to date are available online.

In this article, I will focus on the content of the American version of the show. I will also be addressing those residing in the U.S. though. I don’t know whether the same channel or channels are available for our Canadian friends or for other countries. Yet, I’ll give you a tip later on how to make it work if you choose to give it a shot, and you don’t live on this side of the pond.

TV Broadcast Network Options

ABC is the primary network broadcasting Shark Tank. Fans can get the latest episodes as they air live, making it the cheapest option available. On the flip side, there are also many old episodes that are broadcasted. You may randomly end up watching season 11, or season 8, or season 9 because these episodes are aired again. While I understand that you may prefer the more recent Season 15, there is a lot of perfect learning material in older episodes back in season 7 or even season 3 !

How About YouTube?

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You can certainly find a lot of videos and information about Shark Tank on YouTube. One of my favorite channels on YouTube is SharkTankGlobal, since they have a great mix of high-quality videos, full episodes, crafted shorts, and compilations that can keep you hooked on the show for a long time.

Online Subscription Streaming Services

For those who prefer on-demand viewing, Hulu offers streaming service’s to watch Shark Tank. You can see how the panel of Shark investors negotiates with entrepreneurs, or how they take their unique notes on pads that have been there since season 1…I always wondered about how much great information we could read if we ever had access to them!! Often times, episodes are available the day right after airing on TV. Yet, Hulu is not free, and if you’re on the cheap-er side, you gotta be ready to pay a few bucks per month. 

Rent or Buy Any Season or Episode to Date

Individual Shark Tank episodes or entire seasons are available for purchase. Services such as Amazon Video, Apple TV, Google Play Movies, and Vudu allow viewers to either rent or buy your favorite episodes. Buying episodes means continuous access to watch at any episode anywhere. If you decide instead to rent them, they can be available to you for a few days to a few week, depending on the provider you use.

Free Available Streaming Options

Selected episodes and clips of Shark Tank can sometimes be streamed for free on ABC‘s official website. To the present day, they have available only the last two episodes, but this can change over time. Some cable providers also offer the service to watch ABC live on their websites, given users have a participating television provider account. Direct TV and Spectrum are examples of TV service providers that stream and show Shark Tank live.

Daily Streaming Guides

Where to watch shark tank just watch screenshot
Where to watch shark tank justwatch screenshot

For those who track viewing options daily, JustWatch provides up-to-date streaming charts showcasing where Shark Tank is available. This guide can reflect changes in availability, user activity, and bundle offers across different platforms.
As of today, we’ve checked JustWatch for the availability of Shark Tank. They have all links to all seasons and episodes. From each episode, they will tell you the cheapest option to watch it. Exhilarate yourself haha!!

What If a Fan Lives Outside the U.S.?

As I mentioned before, I still do have an idea if you are an international fan. The easiest solution is to use a VPN that allows you to use a server based in the U.S.. If you do that, the various streaming services will see you as a resident in one of the US states, and you will be able to stream the show. Keep in mind that new episodes may not be ready for replay online yet, but you can still watch just about any other season of Shark Tank.

The Popularity of Shark Tank May Surprise You

Since Shark Tank is a quite famous show, I thought it would be interesting to read a few cool facts about its popularity:

  • Audience demand: Parrot Analytics found that the audience demand for Shark Tank is 18.5 times the demand of the average TV series in the United States, with 2.7% of all shows in the market having this level of demand in the last 30 days.
  • International appeal: The Shark Tank premiered in 2005 as the American version of the international show Dragons’ Den, that instead first stared in 2001 and has been adapted in various countries. You can stream these too, but that goes beyond the scope of this article.
  • Success rate: Around 80% of startups fail within five years, and 50% of companies fail within five years. However, the success rate of businesses featured on Shark Tank is high, with only 57 out of the 528 Shark-backed companies going out of business. This means that if you have someone like Mark Cuban or Barbara Corcoran on your side, you have very high chances to succeed.
  • Gender representation: Although under-represented on the show, 60% of women entrepreneurs pitches on the show (133 of 221) got a deal, compared to 53% of men (284 of 535).

The popularity of Shark Tank is often measured by user activity and ratings. This data can also influence how readily available the show is on TV (for example on ABC), and different streaming and download platforms.

Additional Shark Tank Resources

For viewers seeking more than just episodes, “Shark Tank” extends its presence across various platforms and formats. Here, one can find related shows, engaging materials tailored for young entrepreneurs, and vibrant fan communities to join.

TV Reality Shows Like Shark Tank

People who enjoy the excitement of business talks and money deals on “Shark Tank” will also like shows such as “Dragons’ Den” and “The Profit”. This series gives you a look into what it takes to start and run your own company, teaching about all the different parts involved in doing so. They are available on various streaming platforms, expanding options for enthusiasts of the business reality genre.

Educational Content for Kids That Can Relate to Business

Understanding the importance of early financial education, “Shark Tank” inspires several educational initiatives. Parents and educators can find age-appropriate resources that introduce basic business concepts and encourage problem-solving. Tools include interactive games, lesson plans, and activities designed to measure a child’s understanding and ignite their entrepreneurial spirit.

Fan Communities and Forums

Dedicated forums and fan communities allow viewers to discuss business deals seen on “Shark Tank,” predict outcomes, and rate their favorite pitches. Platforms like Reddit and specific fan sites provide spaces for conversations and sharing insights. Such communities also often bundle offers where fans can purchase show-related merchandise or gain access to exclusive events.

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