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Frozen Beef Wellingtons From Shark Tank Season 15

Wellingtons, the food brand that brings comfort food to new heights, had its moment in the spotlight on Friday night Shark Tank Season 15. The company specializes in the perfect Beef Wellington, and proposed to the Sharks an investment in its bake-at-home Wellington kits. Made with all-natural ingredients used in a lovely traditional recipe and no preservatives. Their kits aim to bring a gourmet dining experience into the comfort of your home.

Shark Tank Facts

  • Shark: None
  • Investment: None
  • Valuation: None
  • Season, Episode: 15,3

Arya Alexander and Anastasia Geroulis

Arya Alexander and Anastasia “Tasha” Geroulis are a Los Angeles natives husband and wife duo. No matter the outcome of their pitch, they have demonstrated a flair for entrepreneurship and a passion for food. The couple’s journey into the world of business start-ups began long before Wellingtons LA came to fruition. Arya Alexander, in particular, has other successful ventures under his belt, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit and business expertise (Food Republic).

Wellingtons Was Born During the Covid-19 Pandemic

The inception of Wellingtons LA can be traced back to a fateful night during the COVID-19 pandemic. Alexander and Geroulis were inspired by celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay. While looking for dinner ideas, they watched Ramsay prepare a beef Wellington and decided to make it for themselves. This culinary experience sparked the idea for their business. Soon they began selling beef Wellingtons to friends and family (Food Republic).

The couple’s shared love for beef Wellington. This is a dish notoriously hard to make, and it was a significant factor in their decision to start Wellingtons LA. Before getting into a commercial kitchen in Los Angeles, they recognized the potential for a business that could provide ready-to-bake beef Wellingtons, offering elevated comfort food like no other dish at home can (Mashed).

Expansion and Innovation Beyond Beef Wellingtons

Wellingtons LA began in the kitchen of Arya and Anastasia Alexander and quickly grew into a successful food brand. The Alexanders did not stop at traditional beef Wellingtons. By the third “Wellington Wednesday,” they had expanded their offerings to include more creative combinations. They also created salmon-based Wellingtons and a convenient breakfast version, demonstrating their commitment to innovation and variety (gyaninfinet).

The Alexanders describe their products as comfort food that is elevated yet easily prepared by home chefs regardless of experience or skill level. They emphasize that their products are made without artificial ingredients or preservatives. They also catering to a growing market of health-conscious consumers (The Daily Meal).

The two pun inspiration for Wellingtons came amidst the pandemic, a time when comfort food was the king. The founders recognized a niche for high-quality, yet easy-to-prepare, gourmet dishes. They wanted to take the complex process of making beef Wellington, and transform it into something effortless for the home cook.

Wellingtons built its story around a beloved classic: the beef Wellington. Their message was clear and resonated with food enthusiasts: any cook could create a restaurant-quality Wellington in their own kitchen. They utilized Instagram and other online platforms to share their story and connect with customers.

Local and National Distribution Efforts

Wellingtons started expanding beyond direct sales by partnering with delivery platforms such as Uber Eats. Furthermore, they made efforts to reach local Californian markets through partnerships with Pink Dot and Locale Market. Their ultimate goal was to achieve national distribution, utilizing services like the valet app Curbstand to increase their reach.

The Shark Tank Recap

The cadre of Sharks in episode 3 included Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O’Leary and guest shark Michael Rubin. The Alexanders came prepared to seize the opportunity to strike a deal at Shark Tank. 

The Pitch

The founders Arya and Anastasia Alexander entered the Shark Tank seeking $200,000 for a 10% equity stake in their company. They presented their direct to consumer product: a ready-to-bake beef Wellington.It that can be shipped directly to your home to bring gourmet dining to the comfort of you kitchen.

Valuation Concerns for Wellingtons LA

One potential reason for the lack of investment could be the valuation of Wellingtons. At $2 million, the Sharks may have perceived the valuation as too high relative to the company’s current financial status. A view also based on the market positioning, and growth trajectory.

Investors on “Shark Tank” are known for scrutinizing valuations, often seeking more reasonable numbers that reflect both current performance and realistic future projections.

Market Niche and Scalability

While Wellingtons occupies a unique niche in the food delivery market, focusing on a specialty item like Beef Wellington, the Sharks may have questioned the scalability of such a niche product. Beef Wellington is often considered a luxury or special-occasion dish, which could limit the frequency of repeat purchases and the overall market size.

The Sharks’ investment decisions are typically driven by the potential for mass-market appeal and rapid scalability, which may not align with Wellingtons’ current business model (TV Shows Ace).

Competitive Landscape

The food delivery industry is highly competitive, with numerous players vying for market share. The Sharks may have been concerned about Wellingtons’ ability to differentiate itself sufficiently and gain a significant foothold in the market. Additionally, the rise in popularity of meal kit services and delivery food companies created an environment where only the most robust and adaptable businesses thrive (TV Shows Ace).

Financial Performance

Although Wellingtons experienced a surge in sales following their “Shark Tank” appearance, the Sharks may have required a longer track record of financial success to feel comfortable investing. A short-term sales boost does not always translate into long-term viability, and investors often seek evidence of sustained growth potential.

Product Pricing

The pricing of Wellingtons’ products may also have been a concern. With the personal-size Classic Beef Wellington priced at $35 and larger versions ranging up to $180, the Sharks may have viewed the products as too premium for widespread consumer adoption. While there are more modestly priced items like the Nutella Wellington and Cheeseburger Welly Bites at $15, the main product’s price point could be seen as a barrier to entry for many potential customers (Food Republic).

Product Line on The Shark Tank Appearance

Wellingtons LA has successfully capitalized on the popularity of the traditional Beef Wellington. They creating a range of products that maintain the essence of the original while introducing novel flavors and concepts. Their product line, available on the company website, includes: the Classic Beef Wellington, Cheeseburger Wellington, Breakfast Wellington, and smaller bites such as Cheeseburger Wellington bites. Additionally, they offer a sweet variation with their Nutellington, a dessert take on the Wellington theme.

Classic Beef Wellington

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The flagship product of Wellingtons LA is the Classic Beef Wellington. This dish features a golden crust enveloping tender, medium-rare center cut filet mignon, coated with dijon mustard with a shallot and garlic mushroom duxelles, wrapped in puff pastry, and topped with flaky salt, rosemary, and thyme.

It’s a handcrafted homage to traditional British cuisine. The Classic Beef Wellington is offered in various sizes, with the personal size priced at $35, the larger version suitable for up to four people at $90, and an extra-large option at $180 (Food Republic).

Cheeseburger Beef Wellington

In a creative twist, Wellingtons LA has developed the Cheeseburger Wellington, incorporating the familiar ground beef with a shower of cheddar cheese, topped with grilled onions and jalapeños, all clustered into the Wellington format. This product has been made accessible in smaller, cheeseburger snackable Wellington bites, available in packs of 15, catering to the appetizer segment and group dining experiences.

Breakfast Wellington

The Breakfast Wellington is another innovative product that combines the traditional Wellington structure with breakfast staples. It’s made of scrambled eggs, crispy hashbrowns, turkey sausage, and sharp cheddar cheese. All are wrapped up in buttery puff pastry and topped with ‘everything but the bagel’ seasoning. You can pop it in the oven and enjoy this breakfast Welly with your favorite coffee.


For dessert aficionados, Wellingtons LA offers the Nutellingtons, a decadent dessert option that infuses the sweet, hazelnut flavors of Nutella into the Wellington pastry. Priced at $15, this dessert Wellington provides an affordable luxury for those with a sweet tooth (Food Republic).

Quality and Ingredient Sourcing

Wellingtons commits to high quality in their products, using natural ingredients without preservatives. Ensuring the puff pastry is flaky and the fillings are rich and flavorful, the components are sourced with quality in mind. The brand’s assertion to opt-out of preservatives reaffirms their dedication to natural, premium ingredients.

The products are simply delicious. And if after dinner you need a cup of coffee, you are not to blame!

Marketing and Sales Strategy

Pre-Shark Tank Marketing Strategy

Prior the appearance of Wellingtons on Shark Tank, the company focused moslty on their website and social media presence. They centered the efforts around the theme of convenience and quality. Their messaging emphasized the ease of preparation of their wellington recipes – “WE PREP. YOU BAKE.” – appealing to customers who want a luxury dining experience without the hassle of cooking. This message was consistent across their online platforms, suggesting a cohesive digital marketing strategy that aimed to build brand awareness and drive sales directly to customers.

Post-Shark Tank Marketing Strategy

After their appearance on “Shark Tank,” Wellingtons LA’s marketing strategy underwent a transformation. Although the founders did not secure an investment from the sharks, they capitalized on the exposure from the show. The company experienced a surge in sales, reporting $600,000 within four days of airing on Shark Tank. This immediate post-show success indicates a strategic pivot to leverage the Shark Tank effect – a phenomenon where businesses see a dramatic increase in interest and sales following their appearance on the show.

One of the key marketing tactics post-Shark Tank, the company introduced a $150 Shark Tank Combo Pack on its website. This product bundle featured different varieties of Wellingtons, including cheeseburger and breakfast options, expanding their product range beyond the traditional Beef Wellington. This move diversified their offerings and created a tangible connection between their Shark Tank appearance and their product line, likely enticing viewers of the show to make a purchase.

The company’s website and social media channels were updated to reflect their Shark Tank appearance, with mentions such as “As Featured On: SHARK TANK.” This association with the show served as a badge of credibility and likely attracted a broader audience. Moreover, the Alexanders’ enthusiasm about the future of Wellingtons, despite not securing a deal, may have contributed to a positive brand image, portraying resilience and confidence in their business.

Leveraging Celebrity Chef Endorsements

One effective strategy involves securing endorsements from high-profile culinary figures such as celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. Such endorsements not only affirm the quality and comfort of Wellingtons but also enhance the brand’s prestige and credibility in the market.

Product Availability and Purchase Channel

Wellingtons are available across multiple sales channels. Customers can make purchases directly from the company’s website or through esteemed food delivery services like Goldbelly, in addition to other major food shipping services. Additionally, the brand has been featured on home shopping networks such as QVC, broadening its outreach.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

The accumulation of positive reviews and testimonials is instrumental for Wellingtons. The brand showcases these customer stories to build trust and emphasize the enjoyable dining experience. They serve as a testament to the brand’s promise, encouraging potential buyers to convert into loyal customers.

Operational Aspects

Wellingtons, after appearing on Shark Tank, has drawn public curiosity toward its business workings, focusing on how the brand operates and grows its financial footprint.

Business Model and Revenue Streams

Wellingtons’ husband and wife team operates on a business model that combines direct-to-consumer sales of the company’s products with potential retail partnerships. Revenue streams are diversified through the sale of different kinds of Wellington products such as the cheeseburger, breakfast, and traditional beef Wellington. Combo packs are also prominently advertised, which bundle several products for consumers, driving sales and increasing profit margins.

Manufacturing Process and Commercial Kitchen

The company employs a commercial kitchen where the ready-to-bakefrozen beef Wellington is crafted. Attention to quality of the food items and efficiency is a cornerstone in their production process, with stringent guidelines to ensure a consistent and premium product. Costs are closely managed to maintain profitability while scaling up production to meet demand.

Supply Chain and Cost Considerations

Cost considerations play a significant role in Wellingtons’ supply chain management. They procure quality ingredients and materials and balance them with cost-effectiveness. The goal is to deliver a high-quality product at a price point that ensures customer satisfaction and business sustainability. Efficient logistics are critical to their model, especially in the direct-to-consumer segment, to ensure products reach customers appropriately frozen.

Key Partnerships and Collaborations

Strategic partnerships and collaborations are pivotal for Wellingtons. Working with local mom-and-pop shops or curbstands could extend their market reach. These relationships also contribute to the brand’s growth, helping to secure larger investments and foster steady business expansion. Wellingtons continues to seek opportunities to collaborate with entities that align with its vision and operational needs.

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