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Glove Wrap Shark Tank Update: The Journey of a Sports Accessory Brand Post-Show

Glove Wrap is an innovative product presented by Jon Batrse, Gavin Batarse and Morgan Batarse on Season 15 Episode 3 of Shark Tank. Glove Wrap provides a solution for baseball and softball players who need to break in and maintain the shape of their gloves.

Shark Tank Facts

Shark: Mark Cuban, Michael Rubin

Investment: $50,000 for 22% equity

Valuation: $227,272

Season, Episode: 15,3

Behind this practical tool is a family-driven success story. Gavin is the 8-year-old entrepreneur who invented Glove Wrap and presented it on Shark Tank with the support of his dad Jon, and his family cheering for them in the background. This is not the first time that kids pitch their ideas to the tank. I always find it quite entertaining and inspirational to see how well-prepared they can be…even more than many adults that stand where they stand!!

Glove Wrap: Product Overview

Glove Wrap targets players who need to break-in and maintain their gloves. Sturdy and broken up gloves are not comfortable, and that can affect game performance. Here, Glove Wrap becomes a solution for baseball and softball looking to expedite the break-in and shaping process of their leather gloves.

Concept and Design

The Glove Wrap design is very straightforward: by wrapping around the glove, it forms a perfect pocket in the middle of baseball and softball gloves, where you can fit the ball. The elastic band then forces the glove to hold on to the ball and mold it as if it were being worn by a person.

The consistent pressure across the glove facilitates a uniform molding process that is both efficient and very user-friendly.

Materials and Quality

Made with high-quality elastic, the Glove Wrap is durable, expandable, and soft. It is typically made from latex-free bands, accommodating users with latex sensitivities. It is sturdy enough so that you can keep wrapping things with it, and it will not break or lose elasticity.

Advantages Over Traditional Methods

Traditionally, breaking in a baseball or softball glove could take a long time and not be very user friendly. The Glove Wrap offers several advantages, such as:

  • Time Efficiency: It significantly reduces the time required to break in a glove.
  • Uniform Shaping: Ensures an even and consistent glove pocket formation.
  • Ease of Use: Simple to apply and remove, accessible for players of all ages and skill levels.

Shark Tank Appearance

Season and Episode Details

Glove Wrap was featured on Shark Tank Season 15, Episode 3. The episode became the perfect stage for the Batarse family to present Glove wrap to the world.

During their pitch, the father (Jon), son (Gavin), and daughter (Morgan) Batarse, were very excited to present Glove Wrap to the Sharks.

Michael Rubin was the first one to make an offer. However, his condition was that Mark Cuban had to come in too. Mark Cuban accepted Michael’s offer with no objections, and within a few seconds he proposed a 22% stake in the company. When the father (Jon) looked at Gavin, he had a very excited look. At that moment, Gavin replied “You have a deal!”.

This locked a $50,000 investment by two sharks for 22% stake of the company. The company valuation at the time of the investment was $227,000.

The Entrepreneurial Family Behind Glove Wrap

The Batarse Family

The Batarse family team is from Southern California. They have always had a passion for baseball and now they can actually expand their passion into a business. As an entrepreneurial unit, they have shown that effective business ideas can indeed originate from family experiences and address real-life needs within the sports community.

Product Effectiveness and Applications

Breaking in Baseball Gloves

Breaking in a baseball glove is a critical process to ensure it conforms to the player’s hand and has a well-formed pocket. Glove Wrap is designed to apply consistent pressure around the glove, simulating the effects of extensive use without the need for repetitive manual effort. Players wrap it around a glove with a ball placed in the pocket, leaving it secured over time to expedite the breaking-in process.


  • Time-Efficient: The Glove Wrap accelerates the tedious process of glove conditioning.
  • Consistency: It ensures even pressure is maintained throughout, vital for a uniformly shaped pocket.

Commercial Success and Customer Experience

Since its feature on Shark Tank, Glove Wrap has enjoyed substantial commercial success, expanding its market reach and solidifying its reputation through customer satisfaction and athlete endorsements. This has been driven by strategic sales efforts, notable testimonials, and positive customer feedback.

Sales and Distribution Channels

Glove Wrap’s commercial footprint has expanded significantly, utilizing online marketplaces such as Amazon and Fanatics, as well as their own e-commerce site. They’ve targeted baseball and softball players by aligning with renowned teams such as the Los Angeles Dodgers and Los Angeles Angels based in Orange County. Their adept use of social media for marketing has allowed them to reach a community of enthusiastic customers and ballplayers across different leagues.

Testimonials From Professional Athletes

The product has received public praise from professional baseball players, which has amplified its market credibility. Brett Phillips and Eduardo Escobar are among the professional athletes who have acknowledged the effectiveness of Glove Wrap in their routines. Moreover, figures like David Roberts, a respected name in baseball, have added significant trust to the brand’s profile through their testimonials.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Customer reviews seem to be amazing and people love how easy it is to use. They have a 4.4 star average on Amazon and a series of 5 star review on their website. This includes a customer saying that he was used to “drive over his glove” to mold it!

Marketing and Growth Strategies

In the competitive landscape of ‘Shark Tank’ products, Glove Wrap has crafted a focused marketing and growth plan. Leveraging social media platforms for reach and engagement, alongside a robust official online presence, the business aims to accelerate growth and solidify its market position.

Social Media and Influencer Outreach

Their Instagram account boasts 20k followers and a series of interactions with professional baseball players.

Thanks to these social media actions, Glove Wrap has strategically utilized Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook to connect with a broad audience. They create authentic, family-made content that resonates with both sports enthusiasts and the everyday person. And in turn, it drives brand awareness and sales.

Official Online Presence

The cornerstone of Glove Wrap’s digital footprint is their official website, It serves as a hub not only for product sales but also for showcasing customer testimonials and detailed product information.

Glove Wrap Usage and Tips

Best Practices for Breaking in Gloves

When users set out to break in a glove, consistent pressure is key. They should apply the Glove Wrap so that it mimics the hand’s natural position, thereby ensuring the glove forms correctly around the ball. For the best results, the glove should be wrapped for an extended period, especially when not in use.

  • Use a ball inside the glove pocket: Place a baseball or softball in the pocket before wrapping to help create the perfect shape.
  • Secure the wrap firmly: The Glove Wrap should be tightly secured to maintain constant pressure for proper shaping.

Maintaining the Shape and Lifespan

A glove is an investment, and maintaining its shape and lifespan requires regular attention. The Glove Wrap can play a significant role in this upkeep by preventing the glove from becoming misshapen when stored.

  • Regular application: Even after the initial break-in, using the Glove Wrap periodically can help keep the glove in its ideal shape.
  • Avoid excessive moisture: Store the glove in a cool, dry place to prevent leather damage, and use the Glove Wrap when the glove is fully dry.

By following these guidelines, players can ensure their glove remains game-ready for as long as possible, bypassing some of the hard work traditionally involved in glove conditioning.

Comparative Analysis

In this section, we’ll examine Glove Wrap’s innovative approach to glove conditioning and its reception in various tiers of baseball, contrasting it with traditional methods.

Glove Wrap vs. Traditional Methods

Here’s a table comparing the Traditional Methods and the Glove Wrap Method, to better understand what the pros and cons are of breaking in a new baseball glove:

AspectTraditional MethodsGlove Wrap Method
ProcessManual, time-intensiveModern, simplified
Steps Involved1. Applying leather conditioner
2. Placing a ball in the pocket
3. Wrapping with an elastic band or a belt
Wrapping the tool around a baseball in the glove
RepetitionOften requires multiple repetitionsDesigned to reduce the need for repeated handling
Time InvestmentRequires hours of active workAims to expedite the process
Pressure ApplicationInconsistent, varies with each manual applicationApplies consistent pressure across the leather
ResultVaries based on technique and frequency of stepsIdeally leads to a uniform break-in
Primary AdvantageTraditional, time-tested methodSimplifies and speeds up the break-in process, offering a more uniform result with less manual intervention

Pro and Amateur Perspectives on Glove Wrap

Pros’ Reception: Professional players, who frequently use their gear and can afford meticulous glove maintenance, might be intrigued by the efficiency of Glove Wrap. Its promise of a custom-fit tailored for the hand may appeal to pros, as even minor differences in gear can impact their performance.

Amateur and Tee Ball Usage: For amateur leagues and tee ball players, the simplicity of the Glove Wrap can be especially beneficial. It allows players of all ages and abilities to achieve a well-shaped glove without a complex understanding of leather care or the physical effort that traditional methods demand.

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